In recent years considerable investments have been made to improve the quality of our products, the dimensional accuracy, repeatability in the production time, compliance with the measures of the standard threads, the performance evaluation and control of the raw materials. We are also available to receive visits from our customers or certification bodies, for inspections and controls at our factory. Our technical department and test laboratory is available for specific assessment of the pressure drop test of our nozzles with any comparison of other items. We can release material certificates, conformity certificates, performance and interchangeability certificates.



Our nozzles and its accessories are manufactured with top quality materials purchased permanently by leading suppliers. Polypropylene, PVDF, ABS and masterbatches used are certified by the manufacturer for contact with drinking water according to the main current world regulations.


The certificate of the raw material is invalidated by the transformation process of the material from grain to the object, a process that takes place at high temperature and that, if not well controlled, it may cause the formation of toxic monomers and their resulting release into the water. In compliance with the regulations we have audited our products at authorized laboratories and obtained the following certifications:

  • ITALIA - Decreto Ministeriale 174 del 06.05.2004 - Laboratorio Studio Alfa di Reggio Emilia - Italy
  • REGNO UNITO - WRAS - BS 6920 - WRc-NSF Ltd - Gwent UK
  • FRANCIA - ACS - Laboratoires Carso - Lyon France